Mama’s girl… a great mama!

So here’s the Divine Miss M, looking to be about what, 7, 8 years old here in her polo shirt, pushing her doll.

For her *last* First birthday party this weekend, she recieved a diaper bag for her baby–now she can travel in style, with all assorted things needed when traveling across the living room with her brood.

Today she was feeding baby–going through all of the good things to eat in the fake-food department, and carefully choosing what it was she was going to feed the babe. Her choices? Blueberry muffin and a pear. I couldn’t have picked better myself. The cutest thing? She makes the “mmmm” noises as she shoves the plastic food at the baby doll!!

She had a lovely domestic afternoon, which I was glad for, given how the evening turned out. Within the course of about 15 minutes, she smacked her head on the dining room table (slipping off the stool she was STANDING ON) and then fell down the last two stairs while attempting to swing on the banister. She has a goose egg on her forehead and a puffy lip from where she bit it. OUCH!

In other news, the new school term is off to a good start. I’m liking being the 2nd in command. It’s really nice to leave all the school stuff at the door and not really think about it until the next day. Last week I worked more (no students, just prepping for the new term) and really didn’t do any errand running or anything before I picked up M at her school. Last week KICKED MY ASS. I am so not ready to work more than 25-30hrs a week outside the home. Holy cow. Seriously, tired like caring for a newborn tired, but w/o the new mom high.

Speaking of the new mom high, I started telling M stories in the bath tub today about when she was a “baby”–tales from last fall when we would sing her to sleep, walk around the back yard for seemingly hours because she like outside better than inside. How we gave her baths in her little tub, and they were just long enough to get her clean. I told her all these things and sang some the songs we used to sing all while she played with her foam letters and the pitcher from her new Elmo bath toy. How do you go from having to be given a sponge bath because your umbical stump can’t get wet to POURING WATER on yourself in splasing in 12 months or less? I mean, seriously!

2 Replies to “Mama’s girl… a great mama!”

  1. Of course, she’s a great Mama! Look at her Mama!
    Little Miss M is sounding VERY old lately. I am very much looking forward to seeing her next week! Make sure she doesn’t grow up anymore until then, okay? thanks!


  2. You know, I love taking credit as her Mama role model….right up to the point where she drops the baby on her head, drags her around by the leg and then pops her in the stroller upside down!!

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