The Rest of that Vacation: ML pt 2

So this is the second installment of my life last year.

Afte the crying and hugging and so forth, Aunt Janet asked the important question,”do you need to fly home now??”

“No, she’s due August 8th, and we’ll set up a meeting once I get home next week.”

So with that, we went to get some lunch. I called my dad, who got a bit choked up, and throughout the week, I called good friends to tell them what I knew. At that point, it wasn’t much. Just that “she” (J) was due 8/8/05, she had 1 other child, and she liked us because we had a big family and looked nice. We knew the “he” (G) was still in the picture. I think that’s it.

So for the next week, I enjoyed my vacation to the fullest. I didn’t buy a single baby item, or magazine, or anything like that. I slept in. I exercised. I hung out at the poolside bar with my cousin. As much as I wanted to be with L, I was really glad that I had some time to process this development on my own for awhile–to let it sink in without the rest of my life distracting me. And, it was nice that the first week of our “wait” was taken care of-once I got home, I only had 2 weeks of work to get through, 2 weeks of nesting, etc. That was a bonus.

Of course, L and I talked at least once a day, and most of the conversations revolved around the potential adoption. We remained guarded–always reminding each other that nothing was final, that things could change, etc. At the same time, we were looking at our calendars and rescheduling things, looking at vacation time and so forth, trying to put together a plan.

While I was gone, my friends and family were busy gathering things for us. My two best friends filled my garage with things like bottles, bouncy seats and the like. When we got back from FL, my mom and I went to Babies R Us for the carseat and stroller. That trip is seperate installment for when I’m feeling really nostalgic.

Suffice it to say, I’m glad our match happened when it did and the way it did. Who else but an adoptive mom can celebrate at an ocean-front bar with cosmos 3 weeks before her baby arrives?!?!?

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