A Year Ago Today…ML pt 1

(I’m a huge fan of Memory Lane (ML)…this will be the first of many such installments–check out the monkey’s ticker!)

A year ago today my mom and I left for a girls vacation to Florida. L went to work as usual, after dropping us off at the airport. Our flight was smooth, we met up with my aunts and cousin in Orlando with no problems. As we loaded our rental SUV and started through the swampland-highways to Disney, I noticed that there was crappy cellphone reception. When we pulled into the POP! resort, I realized I had several TM’s from L, along with a few missed calls. WTF? “He’s knows we’re in transit now….” There was also an “unknown” number that looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why.

As I was stepping out of the car, the phone rang–it was L.

“Where are you right now?”

“Getting ready to check in–we’re walking into the resort”

“Walk away from your family”

“OK, what’s going on?

“Renee just called, we’ve been picked”

“Picked for what??”

“There’s someone who’s due August 8th and she picked us”

“OMG! Tell me what happened!!!!!”

Meanwhile, my family has gotten in line to check in, and I am on a bench outside the resort trying to keep my composure, asking questions, and trying to get as much info as possible. Since it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to keep such a secret from my traveling companions, L said he’d hang on the line until they were done checking in.

My cousin came out to say that they needed my signature inside, so I had to do what I hate to do–stay on the phone while doing something else. So I signed everything that Big Brother needed, and once we got room keys, I told my posse that we needed to step outside.

“What’s going on?”

“Who’s on the phone?”

“Just get outside–L and I have some news.”

Once we were outside, I looked at my mom and she said, “it’s not about the house is it?” (it was on the market at the time)

“No, it’s not about the house! The agency called L today–we’ve been picked!”

Then the hugging, crying and screaming began. And they understood why I wanted to take them oustide!!!

4 Replies to “A Year Ago Today…ML pt 1”

  1. I SO hate being an emotional female now – those mom hormones….

    I am reliving this with you. I had goosebumps and tears, as I recall that awesome dinner at the Italian place somewhere-near-a-year-ago when you told us this news.

    We were so happy for you and also hopeful for us at the same time, because you were proof-positive that our agency was really working!! and that normal people do get picked!!

    I am so thankful and feel blessed that I was able to share in your excitement and your entire journey before and after M was born – you have no idea how it got me through all the ups and downs until our BIG call came, when our little A was born alomst exactly 2 months after little M.

    These two kids are miracles, and to be able to celebrate them together is SO valuable to me.

    So cheers to the Monkey’s Mom – my inspiration and comic relief!

  2. this is a neat story. i could see it all unfolding in my head just like a movie. i’m going to try to remember to post about it on my adoption blog tomorrow and tell folks to come read it.

  3. Tears. My goodness I LOVE this post. Oh my gosh, it seems like only yesterday! And what a blessing M has been. A true, honest to goodness blessing.

    I remember the phone call from your Dad. I hung up, put my head on the desk and PRAYED, what a miracle she truly is.

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