1/2 way through my civic duty….

So I am “on call” for jury duty this week, which I have to say is stressing me out more than it should. I mean, I haven’t actually had to go downtown for jury duty yet–I just have to call the phone service each evening to find out if I have to go. But it’s stressing me out anyway–mostly because it would involve having M a full day in daycare, and either her godmother picking her up and watching her until L gets home from class at 9pm (if I get detained/sequestered past daycare closing time) OR L missing a night of summer school. It would require getting a sub for work, navigating the courthouse, etc. And the whole thought just leaves me stressed. It’s just the anticipation that I’m out of control and that my whole next day, possibly the rest of my week could be upturned on a moment’s notice.

addendum to yesterday’s lessons about food spoilage: yogurt goes GROSS when left in a car trunk for 6 hours!! Yes, I typed yesterday, complaining the school fridge, a fresh carton of Trader Joe’s vanilla yogurt was fermenting in my trunk. What are the odds? Thankfully, I remembered the groceries just before it started to rain, so at least I didn’t get wet, I guess.

So I’ve got my fingers crossed that the rest of the week goes “smoothly”…my car is currently getting a new alternator, so tomorrow we are carpooling to daycare and work, and then bumming a ride to the repair shop, hauling the convertible carseat with us wherever we shall roam. What a pain!! I’m focusing on the good fortune I had to be able to DRIVE the car in, that the alternator didn’t actually go kaput while driving, AND that I got a 10% off coupon in the mail for the dealership the day I made the appt. So that’s something. A meager something when being faced with the bill, but something nonetheless.

Really, all I want to do is to do laundery and start packing for Grandma and Grandpa’s this weekend, and head on out for some visiting and relaxation. Only 3 more days to go!!!

In Babe news, she’s getting FOUR teeth that I can feel. FOUR, and I believe they are all molars (top/bottom, L&R)–yowser. No wonder she’s been a crank and not napping as well. Thankfully she’s a huge fan of the assorted teething remedies I have, and of Children’s Tylenol as well. Hopefully we’ll get those chompers through before we hit the road on Friday!!!

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