What I learned today…

Today, at 7:30am, as I opened what turned out to be a very odiferous fridge to get out breakfast for my students, I quickly learned that :

a)if you pop a circuit breaker in a room with a fridge, verify that the fridge is still working…especially if this happens on a Friday

b)after 2 days of no power, the fridge actually gets warmer than the air-conditioned room it sits in

after 2 days in a steamy fridge:

c)chocolate pudding turns green

d)2%milk turns into cottage cheese

e)green salad turns brown but stains white tupperware green

f)cheese is very gelatinous at high temperatures that don’t quite make it melt

g)sometimes the plastic bags that ice cream cups come in have little holes that melted ice cream can slip through

h)bags of frozen strawberries have the same problem

GROSS, I know…..I hope that everyone had a better start to their Mondays!!!

News of the Babe

Enough grossness for now. Friday night the Babe answered a question for us!!! We were walking home from the park, and L asked, “What does the doggie say, M?”; and of course, we didn’t really expect an answer. Except we got one–she said, “woof, woof”!!! It was VERY exciting, and now, of course, is our favorite party trick. So her words now are “ba ba” (bottle) “da da” (daddy), something between “ha” and “hiya” whenever she picks up anything that remotely resembles a phone, and “woof woof”. Soon enough she will have more words than I have fingers, I know for sure!

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