My Reading List

To Read:

A LOVE LIKE NO OTHER: STORIES FROM ADOPTIVE PARENTS, edited by Pamela Kruger and Jill Smolowe. I read an excerpt in the November issue of Parenting, and it interests me.

THE STORY OF DAVID: How we created a family through open adoption, by Dion Howells. I’ve been skimming through it for awhile–now I need to sit down and dig in.

What I’m reading now:

CHILDREN OF OPEN ADOPTION, by Kathleen Silber and someone else, whose name I’m forgetting at the moment…the book is upstairs and I’m not getting up right now.

This is a neat book in that it goes through the griefing process at each stage of a child’s life. The idea being that with each developmental stage, a child understands adoption a little more deeply and goes through the loss process associated with the new understanding. FASCINATING case studies.

BABY’S FIRST SKILLS by Miriam Stoppard, MD.
Great ideas for playing with baby. A little complicated to follow (there’s a whole play plan–an hour’s worth of activities for each month)–you have to flip through the book to read a description of each activity, but there are great tidbits and ideas.

What I’ve Read:

THE SECRET THOUGHTS OF AN ADOPTIVE MOTHER. I’ve forgotten the author, I only remember that she was very bitter. Rather rude toward the birthmother, rather irked that SHE would have to go through the adoption process–I didn’t relate. Have I been frustrated, yes? Have I not understood where the birthmom was coming from, yes? But does that give me the right rant on and on? I don’t think so. It just didn’t do it for me.

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