Top 3 Comments at Wal-Mart This Morning

This morning baby Kahuna and I braved the windy weather and headed to Wally World. We needed everything from detergent to red sewing thread. Here are today’s comments from passersby…..

1. A red head! Who’s responsible for that? I’m so glad our race is going to live on! (the very excited to be a red head himself in electronics)

2. Do people comment a lot on your baby’s red hair? Everyone does with my little girl-isn’t it funny?

3. Oh look! It’s a Red!

I call them the “top 3” but really they were the only three. The only three comments made about my adorable, smiling, cooing baby for the entire trek through wally world. All related to the same topic, one that’s inevitably linked to genetics. So I generally laugh and say, “her father’s side” or “yes, we’re Irish” or something like that. But soon, she’ll start understanding that whenever I say that, I avoid mentioning the subject of adoption. Sometimes I do say, “oh, it runs in her birth father’s family”, but isn’t that a lot of information to give to the one hour photo guy just getting your prints?

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