Annoying and Stupid

I’m not much into the Hollywood scene. I have noticed that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are doing the crazy “rush rush” whirlwind romance, and honestly, handn’t given it much thought. Til today, whilst watching “TODAY”, they announce that the engaged couple is expecting. Yippee, again, don’t think much of it, except wow, any old-fashioned notions of getting married before getting pregnant have been thrown by the wayside. No biggie. Til they say, “Cruise, 43, has two adopted children with Nicole Kidman”.

Excuse me??? Is it just me or is that like saying, “Jane Doe, 42, has two children, one concieved the old fashioned way and one via in-vitro.”

Or,”John Smith, 32, has 1 child born of a surrogate mother whom he parents with his lover, Bob Jones”.

Or,”Mr. and Mrs. President have 3 children, all delivered Caeseran”

WTF??? Why does it matter? Your children are your children, whether you pushed ’em out, bought them in Antartica or flew to the Moon to find them.

SIDENOTE: Katie was EIGHT when Top Gun debuted and beach volleyball made a comeback!!!

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