Be the Office Hero- Use Door Dash Indy

This week I was invited to try a new delivery service in town- Door Dash . With locations in major metropolitan ares, Door Dash expanded to Indianapolis and Toronto this week.  Door Dash brings food to your door quickly and courteously, and with it’s sleek app and website, you can follow your meal’s journey along the way.



Door Dash is currently serving the northside of the city, and my office is conveniently smack in the middle of the delivery area. There are over 100 area restaurants from which to choose, including some that are a bit of a hike. The website will tell you the estimated delivery time, and if you want to be prepared, you can order before the service even opens at 11am.

Thursday we ordered pizza from the Mellow Mushroom. The menu was easy to navigate, and the time estimate was right on. I got texts throughout the process, and was able to complete a one question quality survey after it arrived. Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 10.02.35 AM

Door Dash uses a sophisticated logistics system designed by Stanford PhDs. I’m pretty sure it makes the food taste better. Their mission is to empower local economies, which is noble, and I appreciate that they want to do so via food. Local restaurants increase their business, and Door Dash employees Dashers as well (the drivers).

Want to give it a try? I’ve got a Promo Code for you- use GOTCHABABY and save $8 on your first order (And, every time you order, or refer a friend, you get credits to use on your next order)!

Moe questions? Check out for answers!

Disclosure: Thanks for the great lunch, Door Dash Indy! We will meet again!

The Sweet Spot: Halloween 2015 

On October 1, the countdown began- only 30 more days till Halloween!


Somehow, we made it through the month, and then the glorious day was upon us. On October 30, thekids were happy to get ready for bed – because “when we wake up, it will be Halloween!”

Saturday afternoon Meg & I got our Pinterest on, making these adorable pudding cups. Clearly, the Pinterest project had a stylist. But ours were cute enough & Meg was pleased. We loaded them up & headed out to a much anticipated Halloween party. All of us had a blast- the kids had fun playing some Halloween games, and even the parents danced to the Halloween party soundtrack.

We got home just in time for Trick or Treating, and the kids went straight out. LKM & I tag teamed, and after about 90 mins, their buckets were full & their feet were tired.

We wrapped up the eve king snacking on candy & watching Catch Me If You Can. They stayed up a smidge late, but went right to sleep.And then in a move I’ve never seen before- they both slept past 0:dark thirty, despite the time change!

We are in the sweet spot, indeed.


Happy Birthday to You, You’re a Hundred and Two

Everyone knows that song, right? Have you ever sung it for real though? To someone who is 102 years old? We did this weekend. I kid you not.

12032855_580107128804755_1511441527788233028_o102nd birthday half sheet cakeThis past Saturday, my Grandma turned 102. My parents and brother went to her assisted living center for lunch, and watched her receive guests as the all wished her well and thanked her for the cake. Sunday, our whole family celebrated with her with a lunch in her honor at my parents house. She sang songs, she told stories, we watched YouTube videos featuring “the Peabody” dance. She’s decided she was so thin back then because the dance is really fast and she must have burned a lot of calories dancing.12113546_580107465471388_4966567115213973708_o

Megan re-wrote the birthday song, because she didn’t want to insult her great grandma. I think I like her version better:

Happy birthday to you,

You’re one hundred and two,12094984_580107445471390_3497114865259477831_o

You smell like a FLOWER, 


Smart kid.

Anyway, it was full day of celebrating, complete with ice cream cake. And she wasn’t about to take any help when it came to blowing out the candles!


Selfie with the birthday girl!
Selfie with the birthday girl!