Why I Love My Job

Ok, a month ago if you’d told me I would be posting about this, I would have laughed a horribly cynical laugh. Not this month.

So it’s now 7:50am. The Babe and I are due at work in 10 minutes. She is sound asleep-playing catch up from this weekend I think. She’s been asleep for 13 hours–the kind of sleep where she really hasn’t moved at all (yes, I’ve been checking that she is in fact, breathing). She shows no signs of stirring at the moment.

So I call into work, saying that I’ll be a bit late. Yesterday the Babe mostly stayed w/ me in the Bjorn because she just wasn’t happy any place else, and my boss appreciated my staying until my work day was done. Today she told me to just get to school as soon as I could–meaning, you know, as soon as the Babe woke up, had a ba, a bit of cereal or whatever….basically saying, it’s cool–you’re a Mom first, teacher second.

I love that.

An Entry from the Babe

Hi Everyone!

Mommy left the blogging to me today because she’s busy trying to figure out her new job. Every day now we get up and get moving–no more lazing about, watching our friends Matt and Katie on the TV for us! Now we get moving and by 8am, I am with my good friend Mrs. G. Mom hands me off with a big kiss and Mrs. G. gives me a big hug! Then we get to work. Sometimes we make copies, sometimes we answer the phone, sometimes we file things–whatever it is, I try to help as much as I can. Sometimes we get to deliver things to the teachers and then I go on stroller rides!

All that work wears me out, so after awhile I take a break to play with some toys and then I lay down to nap in “my” room at school. When I wake up, it’s time to see Mommy and all 30 of the kids she teaches now. I get to sit at a big kid table and she feeds me my lunch while the rest of the class eats too.

Today after the kids went out to recess, she made a cubby just for me! Now I have a place to hang my vinyl bib, and store my food and what not. I have a cubby just like the big kids! I can’t wait to get my school book bag just like all of my new friends.

I love it! Actually, today I was so excited I got up at 5am (oops!) and had to take a little snoozer even before we got to school. Maybe that’s why Mommy’s putting on anothe pot of coffee right now. Hmm….

Crystal Meth for Babies

Ok, see, I’m more inclined to call it “Crack for Babies” rather than Meth, but since that’s the new crack, I’m trying to be hip. Anyway, we had our first hard-core Baby Einstein moment today.

So those of you who’ve only met me virtually know I’m a little off the beaten path with the floor bed and the attmept at adoptive breastfeeding. As far as the rest of it goes : I’m a little more middle of the road when it comes to food (thought about making my own, then bought a few jars and haven’t felt the need change), damn wasteful when it comes to diapers (disposable), and rather anti-TV/anit-commercialized crap for children in general. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

So this afternoon the Babe is drooling like there is no tomorrow, her top teeth are almost through–she’s had a crap nap, and to top it off is still so tired she bangs her head on the coffee table. She’s not hungry, won’t sleep and is just in a foul mood. Not common.

Knowing that I’ve got the next several hours to power through solo, I pop in Baby Einstein’s “Baby Monet”. I figure it can’t hurt. Within 4 seconds she’s GIGGLING at the freakin’ zebras. It’s a little scary. And the girl who only scoots backward somehow gets closer to the TV. and 30 minutes later she’s in a MUCH better mood.

Several weeks ago Julie, over at A Little Pregnant.com made a FABULOUS version of her own Baby E video, and mainly pointed out how dumb yet effective they were.

I have to agree. And in the marathon that is the rearing of a child, it’s a nice litle rest station.