He’s Doing It!

As I sit here drinking coffee, my husband is out walking a marathon.


As in 26.2 miles. In 30 degree weather.

Isn’t that crazy cool??

If you are browsing blogs this morning, please take two seconds to follow him on Twitter — www.twitter.com/bgkahuna and help him make it through! He’s been out there for about three hours and is at the halfway point.

I’ve done 1/2 marathons before, but never even envisioned doing two of those back-to-back. But he’s been diligent, and racking up miles each week, in the dark and cold to get ready for today. Isn’t that amazing?

Mile 11 on Twitpic

Still got two twinkies. TY for your support. Not you! twinkies. on Twitpic

And yes, he’s being fueled by Twinkies.

Time for this week’s Savvy Deals: Conner Prairie & More

Over the past two years, my family has become HUGE Conner Prairie enthusiasts. We stop by on our way home from school, swing by for short visit on a Saturday morning, and spend entire Sundays there. The kids now know the grounds inside and out. They noticed when Discovery Station got new trains. They run right to the Balloon Voyage exhibit, race the steamboat and the hot air balloon, and then work their way through the rest of the exhibit. They know how to hold the chicks in the Animal Encounters, they know to look for mice in the William Conner house, and they most recently learned how to play hoop and stick. MaM has a slight obsession with resident Lenape Indian (he’s for real, and comes to Conner Prairie every summer), and loves to hear the tales he tells. Long before I started writing down our adventures for the Savvy Source City Guide, I wrote this blog post about going to Conner Prairie one day with the kids.

Think your family would like to check it out? Then this week’s Savvy Savings and Scholarships deal is for you! Conner Prairie is offering a 4-pack of tickets, normally valued at $44, for a 50% discount. That’s FOUR TICKETS for $22. What a steal! Follow this link to purchase this offer Monday thru Thursday this week.

Not near Central Indiana? Deals are now live in SIXTEEN CITIES! Find one that works for you on SavvySource.com! All deals run from Monday through Thursday night.

TT 13: The Indy 500

Sunday BgK and I attended our first Indy 500 race. We had crazy VIP seats, which just added to the excitement of the day. Here are 13 things I learned about IRL racing/found cool/just had to share about Sunday:

1) Fighter jets flying over during the last notes of the National Anthem are WICKED–widly breathtaking!

2) The lap around the track of red, white and blue trucks filled with troops on active duty gave me shivers. 250,000 people were on their feet, cheering on the soldiers for their lap. It gave me goose bumps and made me proud–regardless of your stance on the war, I believe it’s incredibly important to support the troops.

3) The cars first swerve all over the track to warm up their tires. Who knew? Not me.

4) When the yellow flag goes out, the cars all get in a single file line. It’s very impressive. And slower, so it’s easier to watch.

5) VIP Suites are the way to see the race! Open bar, free lunch, private potties…

6) Although it’s a little dorky, hearing “Back Home Again in Indiana” was kind of sweet.

7) Mrs. Brady can sing!

8) With 500 miles to race, you can easily meet a friend, walk around a bit and get back to your seat and really not miss all that much.

9) Sarah Fisher has her own car these days. Seriously, it’s Sarah Fisher Racing. I think that sends a great message to aspiring female race car drivers.

10) Danica Patrick’s car is hot. Seriously. Have you seen it?

11) Her car was not nearly as hot as she was when she got bumped out of the race. Anger was exuding from the core of her being. She was pissed. Check it.

12) After seeing Cars 500 times, it’s hard not the think of the movie during a real auto race.

13) Traveling without a potty-training food-allergic toddler was liberating for the day–I can’t remember the last time my bag held only four things: cash, id, lip gloss and sunscreen.

So I know we were there with about 249. 998 others…were you one of them??